Bubiyan Oil | High Quality Lubricant


BUBIYAN OIL has been devoting all the efforts to the production and marketing of quality lubricants in order to become a globally recognized Oil & Grease manufacturing company. With human-oriented philosophy, we want to grow as a Human Technology Enterprise with which company, customer and everyone related can benefit together. The aggressive marketing & high quality lubricants has impressed the local and export market – BUBIYAN OIL market area covers the Middle East, India & other Asian Countries.


With top-class facilities, professional management and firm commitment to achieve only the best standards, BUBIYAN OIL is superbly positioned to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The success of BUBIYAN OIL is attributed to its dedication to achieve total customer satisfaction “a seamless service delivery”. To keep abreast of changing trends, as a benchmark against competitors and assurance to meet customer’s expectations, detailed market research and customer survey are conducted and assessed regularly. As a result of this, BUBIYAN OIL services are continuously improved with the market dynamics.