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HD MARINE OIL SAE 30, 40, 50

Heavy Duty Marine Oil SAE 30, 40, 50

HD Marine Oil is a high quality, robust performance, API CD level oil with good alkalinity reserve to neutralize all acids, designed with highly refined base stocks and balance additive package.

Recommended for crankcase and cylinder lubrication of modern trunk piston type, highly supercharged, high and medium speed, heavy-duty diesel engines used in stationary, railroad and marine propulsion services, burning high quality fuel with sulfur content of 1% or less and operating under arduous-duty conditions.

1. Very high thermal behavior and excellent oxidation stability.
2. Efficient control over piston deposit, sludge, lacquer and asphaltene related deposits in engine cold areas.
3. Exceptional protection against wear, ring sticking, rust and corrosion to ensure long life of moving parts and reduce the need for engine servicing.
4. Excellent fluidity at low temperatures ensures good starting.
5. Excellent detergent and dispersant qualities to keep engine clean.
6. Resistance to the hydrolysis of the additives.
7. Strong demulsibility power and filterability.
8. Good stability in the presence of fuel contamination.